iKOKO wants to work with creators who love

creativity and pursue the way of a creator. 

Please join us and earn the opportunity to

experience the best quality creatives 

and design system.

We Believe

We believe in the theory that human nature is fundamentally good. We've demonstrated that the best performance is derived from the best teamwork as we go through many trials and errors. We love good people and we value them. Today's colleague can be tomorrow's friend, lover, or family. 

We want to be with good people.

We Seek

It's okay if you are a little bit slow or odd. 

We all can make mistakes sometimes. 

You can deviate from the standards that the society demands. Red hair, blue hair, tattoos, and piercings are OK! Otaku, nerds, and Mania are accepted, too! 

We want to create our company like a playground where unique and attractive creators want to gather.

We Prefer

We believe that silly jokes change the world. 

We believe a humorous passing remark leads to innovation. We believe our creativity will generate designs that make our imagination and dream come true. So we are oriented to the culture where we play and work together.

We Think

It's possible that you are a genius.

You were born to leave a cosmic mark on this world. We prefer the person who is strict with him/herself but lenient with others, a flexible perfectionist and the person of high self-confidence not high pride


Flexible Time Shift.

Performance-based Incentive System 3-Month. Full-time Support System.

Workation for Employees in 3-year, 6-year, 10-year of Continuous Service.


The latest version of 

laptop, monitor and equipment.

 Welcome Kit.

 Provision of meals.

Free drinks and snacks.


Financial support for self-improvement 

as long as it is related to the job.

Financial support for books or digital materials for self-improvement.

Host a workshop that is helpful 

for job performance.

Conduct lectures by hosting guests.


Cash gifts for family events (weddings, funerals, etc.) and vacation for such events. 

Birthday and holiday presents. 

Lunch Eat-together: Twice a month.

Dine-together: dining will be offered at seasonal events (year-end, new-year celebration, etc.)

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